Monday, February 27, 2017

Amigurumi Beavers and Pumpkins

I've been falling behind severely in my crocheting and blogging. It's been a busy, fun, and interesting year since my move to New York. What a difference in the weather I've experienced! I was so excited for my first Fall on the East Coast. The trees and scenery in general was absolutely gorgeous with all of the different colors! Winter was a bit of a shock with the snow, but from what I've been told, it was a pretty mild winter this year. It was a nice transition for me though, so that worked out!

In the Fall, I worked on two projects, the first one being amigurumi beavers. I volunteer weekly at a beaver animal sanctuary that also houses and cares for other animals as well. Not only does the lovely couple run an animal sanctuary, but they also run a bed and breakfast right there on the property. All of the proceeds go directly to the care of the animals. I thought it would be a great opportunity for them to raise some money by selling crochet beavers to their guests in their small gift shop. I donated a bunch of these adorable beavers to them, and am thinking about making other animals that they have on the sanctuary as well (dogs, cats, a mini horse and donkey, goats, and chickens). These kits were adapted from Sharon Ojala's beaver pattern. Fun fact: beavers have orange teeth because of a hard iron enamel coating that gives their teeth the strength to cut through trees! They are often illustrated with white teeth.

I love making quick seasonal gifts for people. I made a few of these pumpkin pouches from Repeat Crafter Me for friends and co-workers. They were perfect for holding candy or other Halloween treats! They worked up so quickly and the pattern was easy to follow. My favorite thing about the pouch is the curly vine and leaf. It adds such a cute touch to it!


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