About Me

Hi, I'm Justine, the J behind Crochet From J. I'm using this blog as a creative outlet for my crochet designs with the hopes that all of you can find a pattern that you like and have fun creating (See My First Blog Post). I've been crocheting since I was nine years old, and learned a lot from other blogs and crochet patterns throughout the years. I want to give back to the crochet community that taught me so much, and hope that I can help others find the happiness that stems from crochet. Maybe you stumbled upon this blog and like what you see, but don't crochet. I sell some of my items on my Etsy shop. If there's an item you like that's not posted on Etsy, contact me and we can work things out.

I'm a native Californian trying to blend in as a local in the Capital District of New York. When I'm not working or crocheting, I like to hang out with my wonderful boyfriend, work on DIY crafts, cook/bake, and hike (anything outdoors in general). I have two adorable (and maybe a little bit spoiled) guinea pigs who pretty much rule my life.



If you want to see more of my guinea pigs, they have a Tumblr to document all of their adventures.

Feel free to contact me about any questions you have about my patterns or crochet in general. Happy crocheting!